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Practice your math facts here
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Image result for rocket
Image result for rocket

Make a group of 3 or 4 students to work together on building your rockets.
Everyone in the group has their own rocket to build.

Use the video link below to guide you through the construction of your rocket.
Re-watch parts of the video BEFORE you ask me questions.
Also refer to the instructions included with the rocket.


Be sure to make sure that everyone in your group is at the same point before you move on to the next step in rocket construction.
Instead of hot glue you will be using wood glue. You will need to hold the glued fins in place for quite some time in order for them to stick.

Good luck!



San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 - Project

LT: We are synthesizing (combining) the information we gathered yesterday on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and writing a news article to report on the event.

- Read the Performance Task instructions on the board.
- Open the publisher file below
- Write your news story using the observations you made from the different media yesterday.
- Google search for '1906 San Francisco Earthquake' to find a picture and caption for your page.
(Pictures come AFTER writing is completed please)
- If there is time then you can write a second story using information gathered from Dragon Wings.
- Print your newspaper.


When you leave school and start looking for a job you will need to create a resume. A resume shows your prospective employer information about you such as your education (GPA etc.); your previous job experience and your contact information etc. Another way to show that you are an interesting person is to include your extra-curricular activities on your resume. Extra curricular activities are anything you do above and beyond your school work. Examples may be: Safety Patrol, Scouting, Band, Sports, Clubs, Church groups etc.

As you continue with your education it is good to keep one eye on how your resume will look. In other words, get involved in things that help you to grow and thrive as a person outside of your school education.

What kinds of activities are you involved in like this at the moment? Make a list with your name on the top. Post to your WIKI!


Write your own scene for The Lion King!

    • You will write a play script using your script for The Lion King as a model.
    • Use all elements of a play script including:
      • dialogue with names attached
      • stage directions in italics and (parentheses)
Examples of scenes you could write about ... feel free to come up with your own ideas!
  • The hyenas or lionesses discussing how bad life has gotten since Scar took the throne
  • Timon and Pumbaa trying to decide whether or not to go back to the jungle after Simba defeats Scar
  • A conversation between Rafiki and Simba
  • Mufasa and Scar playing together as young lions

  • Extension for extra credit:

Write a song for your scene using the glossary of African languages in the back of your script!

We are preparing for our Science Fair

We are going to hold a science fair in our classroom for 2nd grade students to attend. We want to show the younger students the 'magic' of science.We will research and present experiments that appear to be 'magical'. We then explain the science behind them. All experiments will be using things that can be commonly found in the home. This kind of science is often referred to as Kitchen Science.
1. Research a 'kitchen' science experiment that you and your group (2 to 3 students) wish to present.(Your experiment needs to be performed withing 3-5 minutes so don't choose something with a long term process)2. Write a list of steps needed to perform your experiment. Include a diagram. Let the teacher have a list of materials required.3. In your own words explain the science behind how your experiment works. (Is it a chemical reaction? A physical process? etc.) This should beone or two complete paragraphs.4. Create a poster for your Science Fair booth.5. Practice your experiment and how you will present it to the students in an engaging way.6. We will practice presenting to our own class before we invite the 2nd grade audience.

Also try searching for: ' Science experiments for kids'; 'kitchen science experiments' or '6th grade science experiments'.

external image LionKingCharacters.jpg

Lion King Animal Research Project

As you may know, The Lion King is based on the animals found in South Africa. Everyone who is in the show portrays an animal in the opening scene. Your task is to research your animal (if you do not have an animal, then choose one from the show to research).

  • you need to show your knowledge in a research paper that should be typed
  • your paper should have 4 sections plus an intro and conclusion (we will brainstorm possible sections today)
  • each section should be at least two paragraphs long and should include evidence from the text
  • each section should have an accompanying picture and caption
  • post your finished research paper on your wiki page
  • bibliography

Every 6th grader needs to complete this project. You will be working on it when you are not involved in the rehearsals for the production.

Here is the link to the coding website:


The Amazing Math Race! Students worked very hard and cooperated successfully with their team mates to complete the race!
Check out the photos below.
DSC06751.JPG DSC06748.JPG

DSC06736.JPG DSC06735.JPG

DSC06717.JPG DSC06715.JPG

DSC06711.JPG DSC06710.JPG

external image 4647ed52e5f70d4889e414bb205783cd.jpg
external image 4647ed52e5f70d4889e414bb205783cd.jpg

Looking for a good book?

Here are links to two lists of recommended books for 11-13 year old students. Enjoy researching!

100 Books

Book Lists and Recommendations


March 18

Warming up for the day with The Happy Dance!




We are going to review your understanding of genre in the following way...

Choose one of the following stories for your project: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk.

Demonstrate your understanding of four different genres by producing all 4 of the following methods of re-telling your story.
Use the same story for each genre and method.

(Check out these examples using the Billy Goats Gruff. I used science fiction for all my examples. You need to use a different genre for each.)

Graphic plot diagram

plot map.jpg


graph storyboard.jpg

Bullet list re-tell

bullet list.jpg

Narrative re-tell
(Apologies. This could really use some paragraphing!)

re tell.jpg

You have two lessons to complete all four re-tells. REMEMBER... Each re-tell should be a DIFFERENT genre!

Good luck!

We are acting out scenes from Flush by Carl Hiaasen.

DSC06632.JPG DSC06631.JPG

DSC06630.JPG DSC06629.JPG


Clink on one of the following for some great videos, games, and reading! You won't be bored for long ...






Ready for the Parker 6th Grade musical?

Check out this video of clips from previous 6th grade musical productions here at Parker School.


March 2nd


Click this link to find your Castle Project information.

external image Bodiam-castle-10My8-1197.jpg

Feb 26

Boys in Mr Wallis' room perform Shakespeare's 'Sonnet 18'.


Here are our Rules videos... Feb 26

Max, Brentyn and Isaiah - Life Skills


Liberty, Gavin, Zoe and Trent - Rules for Life


Adam, Amanda, Ben, Vinny - CARES values


Check out our Medieval dance! Feb 26


external image readBlob.do?id=424
Project Sheet is here...

Here is the link to the information you will need:


Today we had Wellness Day at school. We rotated through different stations, participated in discussions and activities, and learned about ways to be healthy. Let's reflect on the day on our Wiki pages.

Copy and paste the following into your pages:

List 3 things you learned today.

List 2 things that you found the most fun or interesting.

Write 1 question or suggestion you have for the next Wellness Day.

Feb 8 - Social Studies


external image 555616.png?475

On your wiki page answer the following questions in 3-5 sentences:

1. Is feudalism a fair system? Why or why not?

2. What was your role in our activity? How did you feel in your role?

3. Do you think serfs ever tried to revolt? Why or why not?

external image 800px-IMote.jpg?itok=yUURWZx0
external image 800px-IMote.jpg?itok=yUURWZx0

Explore a Medieval Manor

Your task, to be written on your wiki page:

- list the 7 main parts of a manorial system
- pick 3 out of the 7 main parts and describe in your own words - be detailed!
You need 4-5 sentences for each.

Social Studies - FEB 5

Read ALL the instructions before you begin. Try to complete all the work in the time given.


Intro to Middle Ages

Today we will be beginning to learn about the Middle Ages in Europe.

To begin your learning complete the following activities:

1. Go to Brainpop. Start by getting to the Parker site, then the library page and finally to brainpop. (If you don't go through the library site you will not be logged in).
2. Search 'middle ages'.
3. Watch the video. Twice if you need to.
4. Click on 'Activities'. Complete the vocab exercise and print. Right before you print you will be able to put your name on the paper.
5. Go back to previous page and click on 'FYI' section.
6. Read some of these sections.
7. Pick one topic to write about on your WIKI page.
(You will need to log on to the WIKI)
Write a paragraph summarizing your chosen section. Explain why it is interesting to you.


We are working on our Tri-fold Mesopotamia pamphlets! Also look out for our Rules to live by videos!

Malala essays are up on student pages! See them here.

Watch Malala Yousafzai interview with John Stewart here.

external image Malala_Yousafzai_at_Girl_Summit_2014.jpg We have been writing essays about Malala. Look out for these on student portfolio pages by the end of next week!

This week's newsletter. Jan 15 ..

Jan 11. We are writing obituaries for David Bowie. Check out our student pages to see our work.

external image bowie.jpg



This month was a great month for us in 6th grade. We have been immersed in The Lightning Thief. We have also been learning about Ancient Greece in Social Studies, with a particular focus on Odysseus and The Odyssey. We had a Greek Fair to share our learning with the 3rd graders and we read, retold and acted out episodes of The Odyssey in class.

DSC06402.JPG DSC06395.JPG DSC06396.JPGDSC06383.JPG

Also in October we visited Orenda Springs. This was an awesome field trip where we got to use our life skills to solve problems as a team and we got to conquer our fears while enjoying ourselves on the high ropes course.

DSC06450.JPG DSC06440.JPG DSC06438.JPG


Thursday 17th September

We had a successful trip to Conservation Field Days at Camp Owahta. All students showed great use of the lifeskills: Self control, cooperation and integrity, representing Parker School by being polite to the presenters and engaging in all the activities. Great job 6th grade! Check out the photos below:

DSC06345.JPG DSC06342.JPG DSC06338.JPG

Using cooperation to solve problems Creating our own rock profile